How is the use of social media contributing to digital transformations in the fabric of everyday life?

What is social media?

Social media is a commonly used name for online social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and twitter they are all completely free websites/apps and they all have up to 100million users each, social media is changing the way we communicate as it is available on different devices such as, Mobile phones, tablets, Computers and laptops.

Social media influences our day to day reality as the content created on it is based of real life events for example Instagram, Instagram is one of the most popular mobile phone apps out at the moment and it is all about uploading images and videos. On the other hand there is twitter which is all about expressing yourself in 140 characters, images and gifs are also popular on this site but it is mainly popular for its user made polls, users also do not have to create tweets themselves as they can easily just retweet or like a tweet they have seen and it comes up on their timeline, a retweet acts as an online way of agreeing with a statement.

Not only does social media have its own laws and rules when it comes to communication it has also changed the way people use their creativity, for example the snapchat and Instagram application allows its users to take pictures of themselves with filters that automatically change their appearance or the scene they are in, this has helped certain creatives online develop new techniques of storytelling.

Consumer VS Producer

When participating in social media you are either a consumer or producer of content they are both important parts of social media as one could not exist without the other, although they both come with negatives and positives



A consumer plays a very important role in social media as they allow the producer of content to have an audience consumers in some way influence some of what social media producers make for example if consumers like a certain type of video producers will carry on creating videos in that genre until the consumers have found their next interest.


Being a consumer of too much social media can be a bad thing if a lot of time is spent on social media it can become highly addictive and consumers may start to lose focus on what is going on in reality.




The positive part of being a producer is that you get to create as much as you like with no boundaries as applications to enhance the social media experience already exist, things such as virtual reality and video calls allow people to feel closer without having to be in the same country.


The negative part of being a social media producer is the time restrictions on certain apps such as snapchat and twitter as they have a lot of users and the time they give their users to spread their message is limited. Being a producer also takes away from the social media experience as a very important part of the experience is to be able to consume and view things from other peoples point of view a social media producer with a lot of subscribers wouldn’t be able to view others the same way she/he are viewed for example YouTube video producers with a big following communicate with their followers through the comment section of their video or the private messaging although it is a video site.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the use of imagination to bring ideas to life, it is a tool people use to make life easier and faster, for example information is traveling the fastest it has ever travelled thanks to laptops, mobile phones and tablets, and these are all devices which help promote the use of social media.

Making is connecting

Making is connecting is a book about the social meaning of creativity, making and doing culture and The ‘sit back and be told’ culture, although this book covers many more points I feel like those are the 3 most important chapters in the book to me because creativity is the most important thing in society and being able to create is a way of progressing in life. Other chapters such as making and doing culture and the ‘sit back and be told’ culture are very relevant to social media as consumers of social media are influenced by their social media and that changes their reality negatively or positively.

Defining creativity is the chapter in this book that my essay is going to be based on, I am going to talk about creativity and how a communication has become easier because of it.

Communication is an art form itself as the way people communicate has now been simplified, things such as memes and emoji’s have allowed people to spread a message in a short space of time because of the correct image and caption.

Another form of communication which is very popular is music as this allows people to express their emotions through vocals and instruments.

Here is an example of how music can help people communicate and spread a message in a short space of time.



Here is a video I made which represents how information travels and how people use music to communicate personal or global messages.

I also edited the video and wrote and performed the song used in the video



One of my favourite artist of all time is kanye west no matter what anyone thinks about him, the guy is unapologetic and that is how I know he doesn’t hold back from becoming the best artist he can be in every moment possible. Being creative demands honesty and conviction  and without 1 or the other you wont be able to communicate your messages as clear as you want.

in this blog I explain why i remixed one of my original photo shoots to Remix a kanye west music video.


kanye west: white dress video:

My video remix:


BORDER WEAVE #BritishFilmCouncil #WhereAreTheHumans #lifeART


My “Where Are The Humans” VIDEO (You might want to watch this before you read the blog)  –


“Where are the humans” is a remix of a film from the British Film councils website called “BOARDER WEAVE” I also produced the backing track for this remix to add the unwanted creepy edge to the film. My remix is inspired by everyday human beings.

I meant to make the footage distorted and a bit difficult to see as it forces people to watch closer.


When remixing this clip it felt like i was trying to show the animals prospective more than the humans, the only time you do see humans they are seen putting fur through a machine.


What is Life ART?

Life Art is a concept I think of a lot i believe that it applies to a lot of things as everything around you can be considered as art especially nature although we do not know for sure how it all got here.

We remixed reality!

Just like this assignment I believe the purpose of a lot of things in life have changed and became more useful to other people for different reasons. remix culture is more than recreating a video, its a way of thinking not only does it apply to music and films it also applies to day to day situations and the growth in technology, lets face it every phone does the same thing different ways.





The view #VFL18 2

the project I have been working on is about creativity allowing people to be brave,
art is all about using what you already have around you to create something that is completely new, this shows how there are no limits to being creative as the world is forever progressing.



“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics” – Victor Pinchuk

This week i was in the mood for some photography, I decided to go out in Leicester and see some more of what this city really has to offer artistically and historically.

me and my friends came across an old train station behind some buildings, straight away I thought of how this is one of Leicester views which people do not get to see a lot of.

although the train station was out of use we still found a way to make the scene relevant to modern day problems.



post apocalyptic Leicester

the theme of post apocalyptic Leicester came to me after seeing how abandoned the location looked


best friends who fell in love after they survived an apocalypse


After taking the photos outside with the post apocalyptic Leicester theme I done another photo shoot with a similar concept but instead of them being survives of an apocalypse they are rich teenagers in love and the only things they care about is money and each other.


I consider this photo shoot a success as I have been given several job offers for photography in Leicester also both of the models in this photo shoot have now taken part in more professional photo shoots and are looking forward to work with me on future projects in the next academic year.


Instagram account link:

#VFL2018 Introduction

In our View from Leicester group project we were given the task to come up with ideas that were inspired by films on the The British Film Council website ( not only were we allowed to create new content inspired by the British film council collection we could also remix  their footage to create new content, as I am a music producer I found the concept of remixing footage very interesting as I can create music to remixed footage I have edited myself.


After thinking about the different possibilities, I decided to go with my idea of creating music to the British film council footage I edited myself , after understanding what I would be creating I started to think about which social media websites I could use to upload my content to that would make my work accessible but also enjoyable.


Since I will be creating my own  music and remixing the footage to create a new story line which would be 1 minute per upload I felt like Instagram would be the most suitable app to upload my content to.


the foundation I will be building my ideas on have been set now its time to start going in to and explain different concepts and ideas which will play a big part in this assignment.


create a word painting


in this post i was at one of my music performances which had art on the venue walls, i think this photo was very suitable for my edit as the original photo on the right looks like a mayor campaigning with a gun his mouth this gave me the idea to pose in front of the painting so i could add another contrasting emotion to the final image.

in the post production process i added a green and red frame to make the image brighter.

I then added the words vote now to give the audience a clearer understanding of the intent behind the painting.




Taken reply phone call

In this blog I take the iconic taken phone call and add another side to the call, I think this was a good idea as everyone has thought about what the other person on the phone was thinking To understand more about the content of the conversation I watched more clips from the film as I have never watched it fully before this allowed me to make a strong storyline which will be easy to understand for somebody that hasn’t seen taken before I edited and record my voice on logic pro, I also added pitch changer and reverb to my vocals to add a darker theme to the conversation.

i also added a reverb and pitch shift to the other characters voice to add more of a dramatic feel to the clip

Gucci Gang (Musicless Music video)

in this blog post the task was to create a musicless music video with just sound effects I made myself or found online, before I start to talk about the video I made I just want to add that all the sounds used I found online on web sites where they were alright with people using their content.

I started by finding a music video that I have seen more than 10 times and that music video was GUCCI Gang by Rap artist Lil Pump I will be attaching the original music video to this blog so you can see what I done with the story line of the video.

after finding the video I then watched it with no sound so I could figure out what kind of sounds I can imagine being there I managed  to find enough sound effects to cover a minute of footage.

I edited all my work of Adobe Premiere and uploaded it as unlisted on youtube






ORIGINAL & My musicless music video links below

Female youtuber monologue

Female – 21 – BLOGGER – monologue

Scene: A girl in her bedroom with blue wallpaper, her blog’s introduction music is playing (Justin beiber – baby) before it fades out and she starts to speak:

Hi welcome to my channel my name is jess, wait one minute I need to focus my camera, ok, I’m 21 I’m currently in uni so I don’t really have time for boyfriends or sports at the moment, I study law and I like to go to the gym to pass time, I don’t really like thinking about going to gym as hobby because it doesn’t sound as fun as just doing it to pass time, but then again we do everything to pass time so yeah.

I made this channel is just to cover stuff such as pop culture, fashion and the latest topics on social media.

My favourite thing is in the world is food because it’s always there for me and it can never leave me for my best friend in Manchester! Hehaha (Annoying laugh)

A few interesting facts about me…

My favourite artists are, Justin Bieber & Justin Timberlake but I hate the name Justin heheha (Annoying laugh)

Well guys that’s it for the first blog hope you learned more about me, see you in the next video!