create a word painting


in this post i was at one of my music performances which had art on the venue walls, i think this photo was very suitable for my edit as the original photo on the right looks like a mayor campaigning with a gun his mouth this gave me the idea to pose in front of the painting so i could add another contrasting emotion to the final image.

in the post production process i added a green and red frame to make the image brighter.

I then added the words vote now to give the audience a clearer understanding of the intent behind the painting.





Taken reply phone call

In this blog I take the iconic taken phone call and add another side to the call, I think this was a good idea as everyone has thought about what the other person on the phone was thinking To understand more about the content of the conversation I watched more clips from the film as I have never watched it fully before this allowed me to make a strong storyline which will be easy to understand for somebody that hasn’t seen taken before I edited and record my voice on logic pro, I also added pitch changer and reverb to my vocals to add a darker theme to the conversation.

i also added a reverb and pitch shift to the other characters voice to add more of a dramatic feel to the clip

Gucci Gang (Musicless Music video)

in this blog post the task was to create a musicless music video with just sound effects I made myself or found online, before I start to talk about the video I made I just want to add that all the sounds used I found online on web sites where they were alright with people using their content.

I started by finding a music video that I have seen more than 10 times and that music video was GUCCI Gang by Rap artist Lil Pump I will be attaching the original music video to this blog so you can see what I done with the story line of the video.

after finding the video I then watched it with no sound so I could figure out what kind of sounds I can imagine being there I managed  to find enough sound effects to cover a minute of footage.

I edited all my work of Adobe Premiere and uploaded it as unlisted on youtube






ORIGINAL & My musicless music video links below

Female youtuber monologue

Female – 21 – BLOGGER – monologue

Scene: A girl in her bedroom with blue wallpaper, her blog’s introduction music is playing (Justin beiber – baby) before it fades out and she starts to speak:

Hi welcome to my channel my name is jess, wait one minute I need to focus my camera, ok, I’m 21 I’m currently in uni so I don’t really have time for boyfriends or sports at the moment, I study law and I like to go to the gym to pass time, I don’t really like thinking about going to gym as hobby because it doesn’t sound as fun as just doing it to pass time, but then again we do everything to pass time so yeah.

I made this channel is just to cover stuff such as pop culture, fashion and the latest topics on social media.

My favourite thing is in the world is food because it’s always there for me and it can never leave me for my best friend in Manchester! Hehaha (Annoying laugh)

A few interesting facts about me…

My favourite artists are, Justin Bieber & Justin Timberlake but I hate the name Justin heheha (Annoying laugh)

Well guys that’s it for the first blog hope you learned more about me, see you in the next video!


Day in the Life of a Superhero #ds106 #unit5

Saving the day is not the hard part of this job, deciding what not to do is, everybody expects me to do everything from saving cats on trees to stopping armed robbers, so today I decided to see how things would be without me.

I woke up to the normal everyday alarm of need from my neighbor and ignored it because today I was the hero who was going to give them back their power of believing in themselves and being brave.

The meaning of being a hero has changed to me, from being somebody who saved people to somebody who teaches people how to save them selves.

This had to be the hardest day for me as it felt like I was letting my city down just to prove a point to myself but then I discovered everything that is going on is bigger than me.

Say It Like the Peanut Butter

truman showThis gif is about one of my favourite films called the Truman show a film about a man who has been in a reality show all his life and he didn’t know, they inserted fear in to him by staging his father’s death on the ocean that then gave Truman the fear of water, since he had a fear of water he wasn’t able to go to any other place in the world until one day he decided to overcome his fear and set sail only to find out he was in a television studio. I really like this film because I was thinking about a similar concepts before a friend showed me the film.


WEB (Instagram Community media Cafe)

How do they operate?

Community Café’s operate by creating a sociable and friendly environment for people in a community. they are a way for people in a community to come together and voice their concerns, teach and learn new things.

What are their main features?

Community cafes main features are, conversations about what is on anybody’s mind from social concerns to how to use a smart phone, a community media café also has a sociable set out which allows people to get around to speaking to each other

How do people interact in them?

People interact in community media café’s by finding out what people are interested in, what people are concerned about and how everyone can spread information to build a more connected community

What role and purpose do people ascribe to them?

People see a community media café as a way to get people more informed about what is going on around them, the role of the community media café is to provide a safe and open environment for people to communicate in.


A way to run a community media:

Café roulette, people move in groups or solo from table to table talking about different subjects, each table will be assigned to certain subjects all these tables could be recording as pod cast or live stream on Instagram for people that couldn’t make it to café they can also join in with the conversation happening live, this can be done by building hash tags and following people who live in Leicester on the community media café page.