My “Where Are The Humans” VIDEO (You might want to watch this before you read the blog)  –


“Where are the humans” is a remix of a film from the British Film councils website called “BOARDER WEAVE” I also produced the backing track for this remix to add the unwanted creepy edge to the film. My remix is inspired by everyday human beings.

I meant to make the footage distorted and a bit difficult to see as it forces people to watch closer.


When remixing this clip it felt like i was trying to show the animals prospective more than the humans, the only time you do see humans they are seen putting fur through a machine.


What is Life ART?

Life Art is a concept I think of a lot i believe that it applies to a lot of things as everything around you can be considered as art especially nature although we do not know for sure how it all got here.

We remixed reality!

Just like this assignment I believe the purpose of a lot of things in life have changed and became more useful to other people for different reasons. remix culture is more than recreating a video, its a way of thinking not only does it apply to music and films it also applies to day to day situations and the growth in technology, lets face it every phone does the same thing different ways.






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