the project I have been working on is about creativity allowing people to be brave,
art is all about using what you already have around you to create something that is completely new, this shows how there are no limits to being creative as the world is forever progressing.



“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics” – Victor Pinchuk

This week i was in the mood for some photography, I decided to go out in Leicester and see some more of what this city really has to offer artistically and historically.

me and my friends came across an old train station behind some buildings, straight away I thought of how this is one of Leicester views which people do not get to see a lot of.

although the train station was out of use we still found a way to make the scene relevant to modern day problems.



post apocalyptic Leicester

the theme of post apocalyptic Leicester came to me after seeing how abandoned the location looked


best friends who fell in love after they survived an apocalypse


After taking the photos outside with the post apocalyptic Leicester theme I done another photo shoot with a similar concept but instead of them being survives of an apocalypse they are rich teenagers in love and the only things they care about is money and each other.


I consider this photo shoot a success as I have been given several job offers for photography in Leicester also both of the models in this photo shoot have now taken part in more professional photo shoots and are looking forward to work with me on future projects in the next academic year.


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