What is social media?

Social media is a commonly used name for online social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and twitter they are all completely free websites/apps and they all have up to 100million users each, social media is changing the way we communicate as it is available on different devices such as, Mobile phones, tablets, Computers and laptops.

Social media influences our day to day reality as the content created on it is based of real life events for example Instagram, Instagram is one of the most popular mobile phone apps out at the moment and it is all about uploading images and videos. On the other hand there is twitter which is all about expressing yourself in 140 characters, images and gifs are also popular on this site but it is mainly popular for its user made polls, users also do not have to create tweets themselves as they can easily just retweet or like a tweet they have seen and it comes up on their timeline, a retweet acts as an online way of agreeing with a statement.

Not only does social media have its own laws and rules when it comes to communication it has also changed the way people use their creativity, for example the snapchat and Instagram application allows its users to take pictures of themselves with filters that automatically change their appearance or the scene they are in, this has helped certain creatives online develop new techniques of storytelling.

Consumer VS Producer

When participating in social media you are either a consumer or producer of content they are both important parts of social media as one could not exist without the other, although they both come with negatives and positives



A consumer plays a very important role in social media as they allow the producer of content to have an audience consumers in some way influence some of what social media producers make for example if consumers like a certain type of video producers will carry on creating videos in that genre until the consumers have found their next interest.


Being a consumer of too much social media can be a bad thing if a lot of time is spent on social media it can become highly addictive and consumers may start to lose focus on what is going on in reality.




The positive part of being a producer is that you get to create as much as you like with no boundaries as applications to enhance the social media experience already exist, things such as virtual reality and video calls allow people to feel closer without having to be in the same country.


The negative part of being a social media producer is the time restrictions on certain apps such as snapchat and twitter as they have a lot of users and the time they give their users to spread their message is limited. Being a producer also takes away from the social media experience as a very important part of the experience is to be able to consume and view things from other peoples point of view a social media producer with a lot of subscribers wouldn’t be able to view others the same way she/he are viewed for example YouTube video producers with a big following communicate with their followers through the comment section of their video or the private messaging although it is a video site.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the use of imagination to bring ideas to life, it is a tool people use to make life easier and faster, for example information is traveling the fastest it has ever travelled thanks to laptops, mobile phones and tablets, and these are all devices which help promote the use of social media.

Making is connecting

Making is connecting is a book about the social meaning of creativity, making and doing culture and The ‘sit back and be told’ culture, although this book covers many more points I feel like those are the 3 most important chapters in the book to me because creativity is the most important thing in society and being able to create is a way of progressing in life. Other chapters such as making and doing culture and the ‘sit back and be told’ culture are very relevant to social media as consumers of social media are influenced by their social media and that changes their reality negatively or positively.

Defining creativity is the chapter in this book that my essay is going to be based on, I am going to talk about creativity and how a communication has become easier because of it.

Communication is an art form itself as the way people communicate has now been simplified, things such as memes and emoji’s have allowed people to spread a message in a short space of time because of the correct image and caption.

Another form of communication which is very popular is music as this allows people to express their emotions through vocals and instruments.

Here is an example of how music can help people communicate and spread a message in a short space of time.



Here is a video I made which represents how information travels and how people use music to communicate personal or global messages.

I also edited the video and wrote and performed the song used in the video

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